This morning, some crazy hockey fan was on the news shouting excitedly, “I feel amazing right now!” simply because his team won a playoff game. I’ve never understood that feeling. It’s not as if he actually played. Why the emotional attachment? Why that sense of being part of that team?

Still, I think that’s part of why we enjoyed yesterday’s whitewater adventure so much. In that raft with a dozen people, we had to work together to get through. And while the guides are really doing most of the work, we provided what support we could by paddling and cheering as we bounced along the rapids of the Ottawa River.

We had to do some pretty quick bonding in order for our team to come together. We did have two friends with us – it was supposed to be S&K who had joined us for our Africa adventure, but K was sick, so N (who’s always up for an adventure) was fortunately available to fill in. That still left nine other people (with our guide) that we needed to gel with.

Thankfully – everyone in the raft seemed to be on the same page as Junkii and I: kind of excited, but also a little scared. None of us was 100% sure we wanted to do this, but we were relatively confident if nervous about the unknowns that lay before us. So used that common feeling to crack jokes and to help us connect. “Do we power through? or do we walk around? Screw it! Let’s go for it! Woo Hoooooo!”

The adventure turned out to be pretty sweet. We were early in the season, so the water level was high. In fact, it was the first day that the biggest and most treacherous set of rapids on our run – known as the Coliseum – was open for the season. Very exciting. We timed our visit just right.

Would we do it again? There was a lot to recommend it: Fun in the water (which was a bit chilly, but nothing a wet-suit couldn’t fix), a rush of adrenaline, a good day of exercise (at least for one shoulder), lots of sexy people to look at (including mother nature), entertaining guides, and a well-organized excursion (Wilderness Tours – highly recommended).

Our raft guide, Adam.

But having to wait for extended periods before running a set of rapids was a bit off-putting. Probably important though, since the guides needed to assess each set and decided how best to negotiate it. There was also a lot of flat water between the rapids. The entire trip took quite a bit longer than we had expected.

Luckily, we used a coupon to get our tour for half the regular price. Otherwise, we would have considered it a bit pricey for what it was.

In the end, it was definitely worth it. If we could get a deal again, we’d consider doing another run with a raft full of our friends (we would need an even dozen – who’s with us?). It was fun with our makeshift team, but having a crew of our close comrades would be even better! I’m sure that feeling of “gettin’er done” would be even stronger. Certainly more than it would by just drinking beer and just screaming at the hockey players on the TV.

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  1. Maria says:

    I’m in if you guys are going again. Pretty sure I could convince Chris to come too 🙂

  2. jandjsmum says:

    How fun! We did that when we lived in TO and it was great…….I hardly remember it all though……glad you went and you guys got some great pics!

  3. […] and looking up the weather (rainy and cold), I bailed and then kicked myself the entire day.  But the guys had a great time, including Nigel, the friend we called in to take my place. Steve and […]

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