Red-Winged blackbird: Setting up for an attack?

I was attacked yesterday as I headed to work. I was walking along at a pretty good clip, bopping to my music and minding my own business when my assailant came screaming out of the trees to hit me on top of my head. Twice!

I reeled around after the first attack to find the perpetrator had fled, and resumed my walk only to be attacked again. It’s not fair when your attacker can fly.

The red-winged blackbird that was – I assume – protecting it’s nest, was about to come in for another hit. I could see the bird’s shadow now, tracking it on the ground before me – and when it commenced it’s run, I turned to swat it away. Luckily, it diverted and ceased any further aggression.

No blood was drawn in the attack, but it’s off-putting to be hit by a bird, to say the least. Not a commonplace occurrence. Or so I was led to believe. Funny thing is, my colleague told me just days before that he had been attacked by another little blackbird – the grackle. And when I told my colleagues yesterday about the attack, yet another jumped up in surprise to say that a pigeon had recently committed violence against her. It’s like something out of Hitchcock! Or maybe it’s just nesting season.

Still, did I really look like that much of a threat, you pecker?!


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  1. Hehehe, apparently you look like someone who robs innocent young feathered mothers of their young!

    I’ve also been attacked by a red-winged blackbird presumably protecting her nest. It’s freaky because they come out of nowhere and back again before you really know what hit you.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      i have never in my life been attacked before this – quite a feat to reach 39 years without being hit!

      you know, I was minding my own business, but now that the bird attacked me, I kinda wanna go screw with her nest. So she woke a sleeping giant, in a way. Counterproductive, really.

  2. Maria says:

    I have never personally been attacked but my dog has, over the years, been the target of considerable avian aggression. I now call them Red-Winged Death Birds. It seems more apt…

  3. K-San says:

    Well birds did used to be the rulers of the earth, they are key decendents of dino’s.
    I happen to love and be interested in the ways of these beautiful yet aggressive birds.

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