In the (nearly) five years since we moved into our house, we’ve proven that we’re not good cleaners. We don’t like to vacuum. We don’t like to dust. We don’t like to wash toilets and bathtubs. Tidying is okay – but when it comes to actual cleaning, we don’t have the patience or the free time to do a good job.

And yet, we can’t very well live in squalor, can we?

Up until about a year ago, we had it pretty good. When she wasn’t snow-birding in Arizona, we were able to hire my mother to clean our place every couple of weeks. She did a fabulous job, too, but she no longer wants the job. Who can blame her?

So for more than a year, we’ve been without a cleaner and, while we do on occasion hold our noses and scrub the toilets – usually when houseguests are expected – it’s still a pain in the butt. There’s got to be a better way.

Enter Theresa – our new polish cleaning woman.

Theresa came (highly recommended) for the first time yesterday, and spent the whole day getting the house to baseline. From top to bottom, she vacuumed, scrubbed, washed, polished, dusted and mopped away the layer of grime that had accumulated since Mom called it quits.

It was so nice to come home to a clean house yesterday. Wait. “Clean” doesn’t quite cut it. Theresa did a stellar job – getting into nooks and crannies that we hadn’t even realized were dirty. She got marks off of tile that we thought were permanent. She cleaned the mildew out of the dish drying rack. She even polished the stainless steel soap holder in the shower that had about a decade worth of soap scum on it!

As you might imagine, this level of perfection doesn’t come cheap. This first cleaning cost us $250! From now on, the price drops (a bit) since she’ll only be there for about four hours every other week. But it’s still gonna be $120 a shot.

There’s no question this is a luxury, but it’s one that we really feel we should invest in. It will free us up from having to do chores we so desperately dislike. No, Theresa is definitely worth the money – the real question is “can we afford her?” And that’s why this is a trial period.

We’ll need to see how this fits into our already stretched budget.


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  1. muggs says:

    A good quality cleaning lady is worth her weight in gold. I’ve gone through I don’t know how many different services, and always end up canceling due to some problem. The latest was en enviro-friendly cleaning service I found on Groupon. They were late, unreachable by phone or email, rude, and knocked off some blinds and broke the stand off a table mirror, and said nothing to me about it. When I complained, they sent an email back itemizing how dirty my house was. Not surprisingly, I contacted Groupon, and got a refund for the clean, but it really turned me off that company entirely. It isn’t cheap, but it is one luxury, if done well, that really does bring you rewards.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Wow – no wonder you’ve foresworn group coupons! I think cleaners are one of those services you NEED to get references for before hiring. Otherwise, who knows what you’ll get.

  2. jandjsmum says:

    I SOOOOOO support this! My lady was here today and I don’t ever want to give up this luxury. And yes it is a luxury- but one Im willing to invest in……good for you guys.

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