Our own eaves were the worst of the five, but the units on either side of us were pretty full too. Every unit had enough debris to block the down spout.

Because of some fence work we had done early this summer, we neglected to buy any flowers for our deck this year. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a garden. It’s just not one we had planned. Plus, being about 20 ft overhead, it’s not one we could enjoy at close range.

Our unplanned garden was sprouting willfully from our eaves troughs, well out of arm’s reach. Evidently we hadn’t being doing our due diligence to keep our gutters debris-free.

This weekend we took care of a little weeding, aggressively pruning the new growth.

And old growth.

And the mulch that it was growing in.

When we moved into our house, my Dad generously bought us a collapsible extension ladder as a house-warming gift. Fully-extended, it can reach 22ft in height!

While a heavy beast, the ladder has been one of the most useful pieces of equipment for home projects. We’ve used it in the past as a simple stepladder for painting, and as a scaffold to allow us to do some skylight repairs. And now, we would finally get to use it for its original intended purpose – reaching the roof.

After spotting the green sprouts a few weeks ago while relaxing on the deck, I decided to investigate, and with Junkii’s help, we hauled out the ladder and climbed up to find eaves that were filled to the brim with ash tree leaves, pine needles, and dirt from the roof – along with a host of saplings.

20 minutes later, we had our own gutter free of debris, but our neghbours, none of whom had ladders, would be able to do the same. So we made them an offer: We’ll clean your eaves troughs for price of one month of condo fees.

Well, everyone thought that was a splendid idea. Then we promptly got busy and put off doing the actual work. Yesterday finally ran out of excuses though, and so we set out door-to-door to finish the job. Thankfully, everyone was home and we were able to get the entire condo done in one morning!

Now, we just need to get our condo-fee cheque back from the treasurer. And probably head back up the ladder in October/November, after this season’s leaves fall.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Do you make house calls? Ill supply the ladder!

  2. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

    I tried to no end to find a similar photo I took years ago at my mom’s place in the country. I cleaned out their eavestroughs that looked just like this, except it was closer to the Fall and some of the little saplings’ leaves had started to change. I liked that photo so I’m kicking myself that I can’t find it now!

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