Junkii and I have been uncharacteristically non-committal about our next big trip. Usually we have these things planned out years in advance. But travel plans for the coming winter have been spotty at best.

We were hoping go somewhere warm for about a week in the dead of winter, just to get away from the ice and snow, but we we’ve wavered for months on where that vacation should take place. We’ve bandied about ideas like trips to Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, or DR. We’ve toyed with a return trip to Costa Rica. We thought about finally opting for one of those all-inclusive package deals you hear so much about. We even floated the idea of taking our first cruise.

In the end, we had more or less settled on Panama – a country we figured would be small enough to tour through in one week, but big, warm, and beachy enough not to get boring. We were even about to buy the Lonely Planet guidebook for Panama when, last week, everything changed.

Our friend CinChun – who’s originally from Hong Kong and who still has family there – is going back for a visit. CC offered us a place to stay in HK if we felt like joining her for a week! Such a fantastic opportunity – and one we’d be hard-pressed to pass up.

So now we’re looking into the feasibility of a longer winter holiday that would take us back to Malaysia for a couple of weeks with Junkii’s family before joining CinChun in HK (and possibly Macau!) for a week.

A few hurdles to cross yet: getting approval for three weeks of leave from work; budgeting for an unplanned trip; double-checking with CinChun’s family to make certain they have room for us; and booking plane tickets at a time that might be peak season, depending on Chinese New Year – but nothing insurmountable.

And speaking of Chinese new Year, I do desperately hope we’re able to get to Asia in time – it would be a wonderful experience for both of us. For me, because it would be my first CNY and to be immersed in that portion of the culture would be fantastic. And for Junkii, because he hasn’t been home for New Year since he moved to Canada.

So, lots to look forward to if we can manage it. Panama will just have to wait.


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  1. That is a change of plan! Sounds exciting though 🙂

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow, what a trip! Do you feel comfortable staying with people. That is difficult for me to do. But it sounds very fun and if you can get three weeks off work, what a trip this would be. I hope it works out for you!!!

    • RoC(k)r says:

      We don’t mind staying with people if it’s people we know. And while we don’t know CinChun’s grandparents, we do know CinChun. In fact, she says her grandparents have two floors with 6 bedrooms, so we might even have a floor entirely to ourselves!

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