We didn’t get to go to NYC this year. Despite my best efforts, we simply lacked the vacation time and money needed to do everything we’d want to do there – like stay in a clean hotel (SRSLY, Manahattan – build some affordable hotels!) So, in the end, we decided to put off our Gotham trip until sometime next year.

I’m not bitter. Well, maybe a little, but there’s a damn fine consolation prize that’s helping me get over it.

For the last three months, my mind has been utterly obsessed with the 2008 Tony Award winner for best new musical: In the Heights. The music from that show – every single song – is fantastic, and just about the only thing I’ve been listening to since I discovered it. At home; on my commute to work; in the car – if it was on cassette, my tape would be warped by now. (You might have noticed I haven’t been posting earworms on Wednesdays lately. That’s because it’s the same set of songs that keeps echoing around my brain. I didn’t want to bore you.)

I’m getting off-topic. Point is, I love In the Heights – so you can imagine how devastated I was to learn that the show was no longer on Broadway (when I first heard the cast recording, we were still planning an NYC trip!) Moreover, the national tour had just ended a few months before I first heard of the play. There was literally no way I was going to be able to see a staged production. Sadness.

Of course, like any obsessed person, I kept Googling the show, finding new tidbits of info and re-reading the Wikipedia article – when one day, a new piece of information appeared. A new national tour was being organized, starting in October!

A little more digging and I found out that one of their first stops would bring them close enough that I could drive to the show: they’ll be in Utica, NY (near Syracuse) at the end of October. I’ve already ordered tickets!

Utica is actually a bit of a Broadway hotbed. They have a local organization that works to bring national touring productions of major shows to Utica, where they’ve recently opened a new theatre specifically for this purpose. Maybe I’ll be going to Utica on a more regular basis. It’s a helluva lot cheaper than NYC, and show tickets are only about $50 apiece – as compared to the $200 price of many broadway shows.

For now, I’m just happy that I’m finally gonna get to see this show!


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