I love to go club dancing, but it wasn’t always so.

Initial efforts to get me onto a dance floor – back when I first came out – were met with a lot of resistance. Only after a great deal of coaxing (and no small amount of alcohol – or “grabby juice” as it’s since been termed) was I finally able to loosen up enough, shed my inhibitions, and shake what my momma gave me.  (Confession: I used to carry a hip-flask of tequila to the club.)

Nowadays, while I still require a little alcohol to get my groove started, I love to just be immersed in the thumpthumpthump of great house music – which is where we were on Saturday evening. We tagged along with some friends who drove all the way into town from Stittsville to spend some time on the dance floor at Flamingo (or as I like to call it, The Flaming O) – one of the handful of gay clubs in Ottawa.

Usually, gay clubs in Ottawa focus on remixes of current hiphop and top40 songs – but the DJ at Flamingo was spinning house music. While he wasn’t very good at blending between songs, his choice of music can’t be faulted. I had a great time.

I have to wonder though, how many more years I have left before I’m not going to be welcome at places like this. As it stands, I only manage to get to a club three or four times a year. Thankfully, Flamingo seems to cater to a fairly broad age range, but generally it’s no secret that night clubs – gay clubs especially – are the dominion of the young. Eventually, they’re gonna turn me away for being too old.

That’s fair, I suppose. After all, clubs are primarily used as places for young people to pick up or to meet a life partner (yeah, good luck!) – and who needs some old man stuck in the way? Thing is, when I’m dancing, I’m not at all concerned with what’s going on around me. I’m not there to gawk at guys or to interrupt their mating rituals. I just like to dance. Yeah, I’ll socialize with the friends I came with, but give me a little space on the floor and I’ll be happy in my own head for hours.

I suppose if and when it does happen that I get too old to be comfortable in these spaces, I could always “graduate” to clubs for older people – but I worry those places will focus too much on retro club hits rather than current house music. I can dance to retro for a little while, but it gets tiresome quickly.

Oh well, maybe I’ll just lose interest before this becomes an issue. But until they kick me out, I’m gonna take every opportunity I can to shake my boo-tay!


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  1. I’m the same way – I’m happy to be in my own head, shaking my boo-tay 🙂 we haven’t been dancing in forever! I think the only dancing we did this summer was at weddings. I’m glad you were able to find a place with good tunes.

  2. Steve C says:

    When were you there?! I was there with a couple friends around midnight. We weren’t really feeling it, so we left after about 20 minutes. I’m definitely feeling too old for the “Flaming Oh”. The only place where I feel more at ease is Parking in Montreal, which has a much more diverse age range. Too bad hardly any of my friends want to go there.

    Oh yes, “grabby juice.” I remember that.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I’ve never been to Parking.Usually when we go to Montreal it’s specifically to go to Stereo.

      As for Saturday, sorry we missed you – would have been nice to see you. We probably left home around midnight or shortly after and walked over – so probably got there around 12:30 or 1. The music was great for me, but most of the people i was with didn’t care for it (they wanted club hits). In fact, towards the end of the evening, the DJ succumbed and did a 20-30 minute set of retro stuff – like really old ’80s and ’90s stuff. That was fun for a little while, but when he pulled the plug on it and switched back to house, I was happy. Of course the rest of my group wasn’t. That’s when they dragged me off the dance floor, out of the club, and over to the diner for a late-night poutine. Oh well, at least there was a consolation prize 🙂

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