We’ve decided that Malaysia and Hong Kong are too sweet a prize. So we’re definitely switching our Panama plans for a trip to Asia this winter. Panama can wait.

We’ve even narrowed down our flights and figured out our routings and travel dates. All that remains is to go to Flight Centre to book the tickets.

The actual trip planning has gone very smoothly. The bigger headache is gonna come down to packing: which gadgets do we bring?

  • The cameras of course – Junkii is especially looking forward to exercising his newfound photography skills.
  • Of course, with the amount of photos we take, we’ll need to have some sort of external storage device to back them up. We’ll need a portable external drive, and we have access to a small one that served us well in Africa last year.
  • Our iPhones are very useful for communicating in a wi-fi zone – portable and easy to use – but not easy to unlock. If we decide we need a sim card with a local telecom company, we might also have to bring my old Palm Centro phone.
  • We both have iPads, which are probably both gonna come with us if for no other reason than we both love them for reading (on the plane, in hotel rooms, etc…). They also might be useful for blogging while we travel, although it would be better to have a real word processor.
  • We have an old netbook, but it’s as slow as molasses. It would suit me okay for the writing, but the photo processing work that Junkii does requires something a little more robust. That’s why he’s considering buying…
  • A MacBook Air – which would solve a lot of problems (except that pesky debt problem; it would pretty much only make that worse). It would be great for word processing and for photo editing.

Lots to consider. Our packing list for electronics just keeps growing, every time we go somewhere. Maybe one of these days we’ll just pack our cameras and go – but not this time.

Now where are all those damn chargers?


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