I almost spoke too soon! You would think that, being as superstitious as I am, I’d know better.

Last night, as we were making the final arrangements for our trip to Asia, there came more than one moment when we nearly decided to call the whole thing off because it was starting to get prohibitively expensive. And all I could think was “Why did I have to post that blog entry?!”

Rationally, I don’t actually believe that I can jinx myself by saying things like ” All that remains is to go to Flight Centre to book the tickets,” but my irrational superstitious self was kicking my rational self in the ass over that one.

Yes, we went to Flight Centre yesterday, right after work, but the pricing we had found online was no longer available – and every second we sat there made it feel like seats were disappearing.

What I should really do is blame Chinese New Year for the lack of availability… or at least those pesky, well-organized people who plan in advance and who snatched up the good seats. Damn you, high-season pricing!

We persevered, though. We went home and did a little more research. We trucked out to Orleans to another Flight Centre. We booked seats to and from Hong Kong. Then we went home and booked regional flights on the budget carrier to get us in and out of Malaysia. And, 6+ hours later, NOW we have our vacation planned and locked in.

Of course, by saying this, my irrational self is well aware that I’ve just challenged the fates to mess with our trip. Now we’re almost assured of a winter storm that prevents our Air Canada flights leaving the country or preventing us making our connection with Air Asia in Hong Kong.

Bah! You can’t win. Maybe I should just stop blogging.


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  1. Steve says:

    Getting flights books is always a hurdle for a big trip, but also a relief once it’s done. I’m sure it will be a great trip and you won’t regret it for a second.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      We usually know well in advance where we’re going and so we often get good pricing because we plan – but since this trip is a bit of a surprise, we were a bit pressed. The good news is we’re saving money on accommodation throughout the trip.

  2. Well sometimes situation really gone way out but either way i always bless your good journey my friend XD

  3. Meei says:

    CNY right?? hur rah rah. time to brush up those Cantonese:)

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