Fresh Baguette with Cretons. Mmmmm.

Sticking to a diet on weekends is difficult. When you’re at home and the fridge – with all the delicious, fatty goodies it contains – is in arms reach, it’s a temptation that’s not easy to avoid.

But dieting during the week, while you’re at work, SHOULD be easier. You just have to bring a small lunch, concentrate on your to-do list, and avoid going out to buy chocolates. Easy-peasy. Before you know it, the day is done and you haven’t even noticed those hunger pangs.

Well, it’s not so easy in my office. The people I work with are all fond of cooking and baking, and they’re all very generous. It’s rare to go into the office kitchen and not find some goodies out on the counter for public consumption.

If you’re lucky, it’s a piece of fruit (last week, my colleague D went apple picking and brought us fresh macintosh apples!), but more often than not it’s something sweet. Any time someone comes back from a trip (business or personal) they bring nuts, and taffy, and candies, and cookies.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. We have people who just love to bake on weekends, but who don’t want to eat the entire batch of brownies, loaf of bread, tray of cookies, or pan of squares all by themselves. So in comes a Tupperware container full of yumminess. It’s enough to break the resolve of any foodie!

Today, I arrived to not one, but TWO separate plates of goodness. Someone made a banana loaf, and another kind soul brought in some baguette with fresh cretons! (Thanks, F!)

What’s cretons, you ask? It’s a Quebecois spread made with fatty pork and spices – and it’s frickin’ delicious. And it’s terrible for the waistline.

Okay. I’ve typed enough. I need to go get more cretons before it’s all gone. Damn the diet!


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  1. Muggs says:

    I’ve only ever had cretons out of a jar, so I can’t imagine what the fresh stuff tastes like, but it sounds awesome. And to also bring the accompanying baguette, nice touch! Personally, I miss Dr. T’s bread.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Dr. T still makes his bread – especially around Ethiopian holidays. It’s always well-received. I still think it would make awesome turkey stuffing.

  2. Maria says:

    Can I come and hang out in your office please? No one here so much as turns the kettle on for anyone else!

    • RoC(k)r says:

      You can come hang out. You could also do a little baking on your own (or just buy some sweets) and start a trend in your office. Nice is as nice does 🙂

  3. jandjsmum says:

    Yea- My office is JUST LIKE THAT……only- Im the only one here all day….so guess who eats it! 😦

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Yeah, but you’re also the one who makes it (or buys it for the fridge). Maybe we need to have some sort of timer lock for our home refrigerators.

  4. Mmm, I’m hungry now. Wish we had some of that creton stuff in our office kitchen 🙂

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