I’m not looking forward to this weekend. The chore list includes putting away deck furniture, cleaning up the last of the fall leaves, storing bicycles, and getting the firewood situation sorted. And no, my dismay doesn’t stem from the manual labour involved – although that’s part of it. Rather, I’m dreading what it portends: winter is coming.

At least the weather looks set to cooperate. Given the drops in temperature and the volume of rain we’ve had over the past couple of weeks, that’s no small blessing. It won’t be hot, but at least I won’t require scarf, mittens, and gum rubbers.

The weather has turned cold so quickly, it’s shocking to recall that just two short weeks ago we were sunning ourselves at a cottage – capping off one of the nicest summers we’ve had in years with five last perfect days. In fact, it was so warm we even considered jumping in the water! In October! Unheard of.

The outside temperature was certainly cooperating. Too bad the water felt like an ice bath. Oh well. Shorts and t-shirt in October will have to be reward enough.

Junkii took photos – mostly of the beautiful surroundings, since one can only have so many shots of me sitting on my arse reading, eating, and drinking – but he hasn’t processed them yet. We’ll post the link once he puts the photos on SmugMug. But just to give you a sense of how nice it actually was, here’s a shot of Junkii doing yoga on the dock.

If you HAVE to suffer through yoga, you couldn't ask for a nicer view.


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  1. We were tempted to go for a swim in our lake too. I’m glad you were somewhere beautiful enjoying that gorgeous weather. Definitely something to be thankful for when you’re grunting and grumbling through this weekend’s work! We’ll be heading up to my cottage and helping with the wood all weekend so hard work in store for us as well. Fingers crossed the weather holds out!

    P.S. that is an awesome photo 🙂

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Thanks. I was hoping we could get together this weekend, but now it looks like you’re busy. Maybe you’ll be back on Sunday evening or something. Have a great woodsy weekend 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    “Winter is coming.”

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