No, we didn’t forget to send your invitation; you’re simply not getting one this year. But don’t worry, we still love you. We’ve just decided to put the wigs back in the tickle trunk and bring down the curtain on the wig party.

We had a great run. Five years in two separate locations and countless memories with our wonderful friends. Thanks to everyone who took part and helped us make a go of it.

You might be wondering why we’re retiring the concept. Yes, it’s a lot of work to put on a big party. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s stressful. But the joy we get form being surrounded by friends more than offsets such minor grievances. The real reason for the demise of the wig party is just that we sensed people were starting to tire of our schtick; especially people who had been coming since year one. We didn’t want our friends to start resenting us for guilting them into taking part in something they’d had enough of. Better instead to go out while we were on top!

That’s the biggest reason, but there are other contributing factors. For example, we’re kind of running out of room for wigs. We now have a loft full of wigs – not just one we bought for ourselves, but also the punishment wigs, as well as a hefty share of leavings from party guests: guests who were too drunk to remember their wigs or too lazy to take them home.

Plus, it’s tough to keep a theme party fresh. You try coming up with five years worth of wig-themed gag gifts and let us know how it goes. Our guests have already heard all the jokes we have to tell!

Still, not organizing a party this year has left us feeling a bit glum. Despite the labour involved, this party always afforded us a wonderful opportunity to see ALL our friends – especially the ones we only see once or twice a year. Plus it was nice to have our social circles converge and get to know one another.

So now we’re in the market for another party occasion. Christmas is out. A season already replete with holiday parties, too many of our friends would already be committed to more established celebrations in December (ourselves included). Maybe we’ll start planning for a party in late spring – early enough that the house won’t be too hot but late enough that we can use our deck for extra milling-about space. Hmmm… a start-of-summer barbecue! We’ll need to put some thought into it, but that sounds like fun.

In the meantime, we’ve already found other plans for Halloweekend 2011. We’ve had multiple invitations from people who have picked up the slack we left. Now we’ve just got to figure out our costumes.


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  1. […] wanted to dress up and have fun.  Usually we go to Rockr and Junkii’s annual Wig Party, but they decided not to host one this year.  It was fun trying to think up fun decorations.  Since it was kind of last minute I just threw […]

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