Our New Alarm Clock

We tried something new today (I know, right? It’s not even 10 am and already we’re living life to the fullest!) In fact, the new thing we tried happened before we even got out of bed! Or, more specifically, it’s the thing that got us out of bed.

Today was the inaugural run of our new alarm clock – one of those jobbies that gradually increases the light level in the room to bring you slowly out of slumber. (FYI, It also makes noise when your actual wake-up time hits: we chose bird sounds.)

Apart from further instilling my aversion to birds, the system seems to work pretty well. The light grew brighter over the course of 90 minutes, making it less of a shock when I opened my eyes to start the day.

Okay, maybe I’m overselling it. In truth, it wasn’t quite such a smooth transition. I actually woke up in anticipation of the growing light every 10-15 minutes, just to see just how bright it was getting. So the last 90 minutes of my sleep was kind of spotty. But I think, once I get used to it, it will be a good way to help ease out of bed in the morning.

The other good thing is that the light stays on even after you turn the alarm off. So no more fumbling in the darkness on winter mornings for my cozy clothes before heading to the washroom where the cold toilet seat really perks me up!


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    LOVE the title…..Im not sure though that I’d love that gadget. I think tweeting birds would just about send me over the edge and I think that Id be pretty angry in the lights started coming on at 4:30am…..but thats just me……I don’t mind waking up to music at all……but its at least LOOKS really cool.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      You can also use it to wake to music (fm radio) or to a chime. I don’t like waking to radio because you can wind up with an unpleasant earworm (you never know what will be playing)). . Disappointed that there’s no ipod connection though.

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