I have two parties to thank for this week’s earworm: Iron by Woodkid. The song recently appeared in the trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed Videogame (thanks, Ubisoft!) but I think my first exposure to this song came from my friend Andrew. Either that or I stumbled across it on my own, but I’m pretty sure Andrew posted it on Facebook a few months ago.

First time I heard the song, it struck me as good but it wasn’t until second hearing that it really hit home. And it’s been rumbling round my brain since the weekend. And I’m happy about that.

Actually, the rest of Woodkid’s EP is pretty good too. Wasteland and Baltimore Fireflies are both really good songs too (if similar) – but It’s Iron that I keep coming back to. Interesting voice, good instrumentation, and a backing line that reminds me of repetitive-structure composers like Philip Glass.

Plus it has a killer video:


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