Photo Finnish: We're gonna miss you guys!

Earlier this year, we made some new friends – a Finnish couple who’ve been living in Canada for about 10 years. J and P had spent a lot of their in-Canada time living in Vancouver, but moved to Ottawa a few years ago for work reasons. We only started to hang out together in the spring.

It’s always nice to increase our circle of friends – but J and P were doubly entertaining because, aside from having a lot in common, they also offered interesting cross-cultural conversation, what with their Finnish heritage. And even more than that, we had the opportunity to get to know some of their close friends, having been invited to their wedding and to house parties. All in all, it was a good friendship.

And if it sounds like we’re mourning, it’s because J and P have opted to move back to Finland. They left last weekend. Sadness.

They made that decision during a routine trip home to visit family in the summer – figuring it was time to move closer to family. J found work quickly and the whole process of selling their house in Ottawa and packing up happened with dizzying speed. Still can’t believe they’re gone!

As you can imagine, we’re gonna miss them – but thanks to Facebook, we should be able to stay in touch. And even better, we’ve now got another contact in a foreign city and a place to stay when we finally travel to Finland! (Note: must get around to travelling in Europe.)

All this raises another concern: Junkii has been living in Canada for nearly 15 years now. And while we try to make it back to Malaysia as often as we can, it’s not the same as living close to your family.

I’ve been lucky. While I don’t live near Dad, I can travel to Canada’s East coast by car for a visit in under 12 hours. And Mom lives only 30 minutes away. Junkii doesn’t get to spend that kind of quality time with his family, and that’s a big hardship. Don’t think I don’t appreciate how much he’s given up to make a life with me in Canada.

Junkii and I have tossed around the idea of moving to Asia in the past, but I figure at some point he may finally just decide it’s time to take the leap. And in the end that would be okay. I love travelling to Asia, I’d probably enjoy life there too – it’s just that it involves upheaval, and I’m not so good with that. But we’d make it work. After all, I’ve had a lot of time with my family… who am I to deny him the same?


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  1. You’re not allowed to leave!

  2. Meei says:


    Well I can’t speak for my good friend there. but I’m sure good partnerships don’t work that way … We don’t count how much we get from or give to each other; or how many times we each visit our own set of parents.

    You would have to work it out your way and make sacrifices (or contributions) together. Unfortunately for you guys it just involves a lot more finances and hassles.

    Having said that. we would love to have you move nearer here!! but I’d still be ignoring you about 350 days of the year …..

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