Is it just me or is the idea of stuffing a stocking with this a laugh riot to anyone else?

Christmas has gotten a lot easier, but there’s still work to be done.

A few years ago, Junkii and I, disillusioned with the commercialization of Christmas, stopped giving each other gifts, choosing instead to spend the money on something useful… like wine and food. That left our nephews, my parents, and my Nana as the only ones we needed to shop for.

Around the same time, my Dad basically told us to stop buying him gifts. And this year, my Mom has followed suit. Aside from a few stocking-stuffers, we’ll be using our Christmas money to create fabulous meals with Mom…and to get roaring drunk!

So that leaves the nephews – who aren’t a problem because they live in Texas and Amazon ships directly (I just need to know what they want <hint, hint, dear sister> so I can place the order – and Nana, who is happy with a renewed subscription to Oprah’s magazine (I placed that order back in October). And that just about does it. But we’re still not quite out of the woods (i.e. the crowded malls) just yet.

Christmas day this year will be spent at my Mom & Stepdad’s place along with my step-siblings. In all, there will be 7 of us – and our plan this year is JUST to do stockings. Each person is charged with getting three little things for each stocking – which means junkii and I need to buy 18 stuffers each.

We’re not crazy enough to go to the mall on weekends, but we’re gonna need to pick an evening mid-week and get started on this task. Christmas is coming, after all. And Santa needs some help.


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