Really?! We’ll all be wearing Tangerine in 2012? Well, that remains to be seen, but this does remind me of something from my childhood; something I’d forgotten because I now spend so little time at the mall.

My Mom issued to take my sister and I to the mall with her while she shopped for clothes – and in all the women’s clothing stores, each season, you’d see a new combination of colours. The stores would have different clothes of course, but the colour palette was the same throughout the mall.

And I remember asking about it and being told that those were the colours for the new season – but I don’t remember ever getting a good answer to the question about who actually decides this.

I guess over the years, I just grew to accept that the decision came from on high (i.e. from the runways of Europe and NY) – but even then I just assumed it was based on some passive recognition of common themes between the outputs of the great design houses. I never until now knew that there was an actual institute involved: the Pantone Colour Institute.

Out of curiosity – a question for those who shop for women’s clothes – do mall stores today still feature a common colour palette throughout the mall? And has anyone noticed the emergence of Tangerine as the hot new colour in Ottawa stores?


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  1. muggs says:

    Having spent a good chunk of the last year dealing with interior design, I can attest to the fact that this definitely takes place in home furnishings. A couple years back, Pantone’s colour was a turquoise, and it is everywhere now in fabrics, furniture and decor. I was told to watch for “Paprika Red”, which is very much like this Tangerine colour, as the next big trend. Muted metallics have also been huge, and once you learn about these trends, you start seeing the EVERYWHERE.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      All of this makes me very excited to see your new place. Hmmmm, now I have to find some time to get over there….are you in yet?

      • Muggs says:

        Moving in end of January, and guest-ready soon after that. Hopefully all the furniture should be in by the time we move in. We are planning to come to Ottawa mid-Feb for winterlude, so you will definitely see us then, but come anytime!

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