No, we didn’t take a road trip this weekend, and yet we spent some serious time behind the wheel.

It all started Friday evening, with a drive out to visit our friend M in Stittsville – where we washed down nachos, wings, and poutine with cold pints of Keith’s red. (NOTE: if you live in Stittsville – a 25 minute drive West at the best of times – and we drive out to visit you in Friday-night rush hour, don’t everdoubt that we love you!) A movie rental and a bag of potato chips later, we started to flag and said our farewells before heading home – but not before leaving a little part of ourselves behind. I don’t want to name any names and embarrass anyone, so let’s just say that one of us forgot our wallet in Stittsville that night.

Next day, we were back in the car on our way out to Mom’s new house in Russell – about 25 minutes East of Ottawa. Junkii needed Mom’s kitchen to prepare for a cookie-baking exchange he was going to in Kanata (West again, not quite as far as Stittsville) on Sunday. While there, we also took the opportunity to use Mom’s kitchen to prepare a (if I do say so myself) yummy 3-course meal featuring a rack of lamb. Regrettably, we forgot to bring a camera, so no food porn. Sorry.

We stayed overnight in Russell and then, on Sunday, we hit the road again. All the way back into town 25 min), and past our house out to Kanata (20 min, where we met up with M to grab the missing wallet). Then it was back downtown (20 min) to drop me off before Junkii had to be back out at his cookie exchange in Kanata (20 min). And of course he also had to drive home. That adds up to about 3 hours of driving on the weekend (probably more, given the Friday rush hour)

Clearly the lesson is that we need to cull our friend list and remove people who live on the outskirts. Sorry M. Sorry Mom.

Okay, okay, empty threats. But still, we really should have some sort of agreement with any friends currently considering a move to these furthest flung reaches of the city (is Stittsville even part of the city? I know Russell isn’t, having escaped the gravitational pull of the giant mess that is Blottawa). Anyone leaving the core for the suburbs needs to choose either Russell or Kanata/Stittsville as a final destination. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee personal visits.

I don’t want to hear anyone planning moves to Wakefield or Barrhaven. Agreed?


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  1. Meei says:

    hmmmph. obviously you are pampered and don’t live in KayEl or Klang. We drive 30 mins to work everyday. and then on weekends we drive 2-3 times to PeeJay for fun food or friends.

    But we live in a horrible place. We have to drive around in circles for 15mins just to get to the main road 😀

    • RoC(k)r says:

      You ARE blessed with great food in KL and the surrounding area…but nothing drives me more nuts about visits to Malaysia than the traffic in and around that City. If it wasn’t for the traffic, I’d love KL. But because of that traffic, Penang and Ipoh win out.

    • Junkii says:

      I don’t mind driving, but I recall KL has terrible traffic congestion. Gosh, sitting in traffic is NOT driving.

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