We didn't take a photo of our meaty, cheesy creation - so I'll just use this space to make fun of vegans.

It’s a damn good thing I take notes. Great ideas don’t come along every day, and I tend to forget them as quickly as inspiration strikes. So if I don’t write down a notion when I think of it, I have no one to blame but myself. And maybe Junkii since, like it or not, he’s my all-purpose scape-goat.

We invented a new cottage staple at Thanksgiving last year – the result of a perfect storm of cottage treats – and thankfully I made a note in my blogging-ideas file, because up until I ran across it again today, I had totally forgotten.

Cottage food is pretty basic – easy-to prepare stuff like store-bought lasagna, grilled burgers and oven fries, Kraft dinner, and tacos. Makes for easy-to-prepare meals that lets everyone get back to relaxing – the key to a successful cottage weekend.

In fact, we’re sooo lazy that usually, on the last day, we all just have whatever leftovers are still in the fridge. Not this time. This time we decided we wanted nachos. But that would require a trip to the store to get tortilla chips. Who the hell wants to do that?

We were all debating who would need to leave the cosy confines of the fireside when, like lightning out of the clear blue sky, an idea struck. Why not do nachos, BUT WITH LEFTOVER OVEN FRIES?!! <Angels singing.>

That was a breakthgouh moment for us all. Then we took it a step further. We had plenty of taco toppings left – tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cheese… and TACO MEAT!! Who needs lame-ass chicken when you can have spicy taco meat on your…er, nacho-chips? Chipchoes? Frychos? French Nachos?

I know a lot of you are health nuts and probably think this is disgusting, but daaaamnnn those cottage cheesy fries were guuuud. We’re definitely gonna make those again this summer.

Bah. Now I’m hungry. Stupid new-year diet.


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  1. Krista says:

    hehe, I can totally picture you guys doing this and loving every second 🙂 it does sound mighty delicious.

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