I could honestly do an entire numbered series on reasons I hate winter. I’m not going to (I’m too lazy to keep track) but I could. Still, just cuz I’m not going to doesn’t mean I can’t return to the theme every now and then. For instance…

It just takes soooo much longer to get ready on winter mornings. I don’t mean because it’s hard to wake up in the dark (although it is) or to climb out of a warm bed and face the prospect fo another workday (again, true). No, I’m referring to the additional time it takes to get dressed.

The first problem involves psyching myself up to change from my cosey house clothes into my cold and constricting work clothes. Once I get started though, it doesn’t get much easier. On particularly cold days, I have to add a layer of long johns to keep my legs form freezing on the walk to work. I always have to wear at least two layers on top – a shirt and a sweater. Before leaving the house, I need to lace up my heavy winter boots, wrap two scarves around me (one for my neck and one for my face), pull on a toque, and slide on some mittens before zipping up my heavy winter jacket.

In the summer, I can be out the door in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in about 2 minutes. I find it tricky to get my winter gear on in under 10 – it’s usually more like 15 all told.

That means I have to get up 15 minutes earlier just to make it to work on time, which means getting up in the dark and cold… it’s a vicious circle.

Summer, whatever I did to offend you, I’m sorry. Please come back to me.


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  1. Krista says:

    Brrr, definitely hate the whole bundling up thing. I throw fashion out the window as soon as it’s cold enough for Winter outwear.

    Hopefully you got out snowshoeing this weekend so you could enjoy some Winter activity!

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Today was right at Freezing. I told the boys to put on their winter jackets and I added an extra sweater and we walked to school. Thats about as much bundling up I like to do! 🙂 Of course, today is going to go up to 65 degrees…….LOVE me some Texas winters (at times).

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