I should start with an apology to all the about-to-be-disappointed straight men that read this blog,. This post is probably not about what you had hoped it would be about.

I went to do work out with some free weights earlier this week – part of my regular Monday noon-hour routine. Unfortunately, this time of year, the gym is loaded with new members. We call them resolutionists (and we call this time of year ‘tourist season’. It will be busy for another couple of months, then things will settle down again. But for now, there are a lot more people than usual vying for the same amount of equipment. And most of the new ones don’t really know gym etiquette yet.

Dude, I can press more than that.

When I settled in to do my heaviest exercise of the day – the declined chest press (see photo for a depiction of what I was doing – I had no idea of the threat lurking beside me: the newbie working out at a bench beside mine

Right in the middle of my exercise, newbie decided to walk between our benches to change the weights on his bar. And as moved, he knocked my bar!!!!

I know what you’re thinking: “Really? Four exclamation marks? Come on.” But as you can see from the picture, I basically had a very heavy bar balanced over my neck and head – and no one spotting me. I stand by my use of exclamation marks. I nearly lost control of the bar. Thankfully it was my first set and I wasn’t worn out yet. Had that been the case, I might have actually dropped it on myself! God damned Resolutionist!

The guy did say sorry, but fat lot of good that would have done me if he had knocked into me much harder. Let this be a lesson to keep an eye on people around you as you work out.


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