It’s been about two weeks since I visited the eye doctor to run some diagnostic tests. At the time, she confirmed her earlier diagnosis of Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR). She told me there was no treatment except to wait it out, and to avoid stress. It would probably take about 3 months to go away.

Well, aside from a few days of stress leading up to our arrival in Ipoh, Malaysia, the last week and a half have been about as stress-free as one could hope for. Just about the biggest worry I’ve had is making sure I’m ready to leave the house when the rest of the family is ready to go eat. That’s the kind of stress I can handle.

Maybe it’s the lack of stress, maybe it’s the hot and sticky weather, maybe it’s something in the water – whatever the reason, my vision problem has vanished. I noticed about two days ago that the discolored area had gotten smaller, and when I looked for it today it seems to have disappeared entirely.

Heh, usually when I travel, I get sick. It’s a nice change that, this time, traveling has left me healed. (Knock wood).


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