Oscar night is on its way!

Since I’m still stalled on posting to our travel blog (Junkii wants to write a post before I finish off the Malaysia bits and move on to Hong Kong) I figure I should get back to updating our everyday blog. problem is, this week has been all about catching up on work and the gym – boring stuff that doesn’t make for very interesting journal entries.

Thankfully, I do have one task that’s blog-worthy, which stems from the fact that the Oscars are coming up this weekend and that I’ve been lax in my viewing habits this Oscar season.

From past experience, I know that my enjoyment of the Oscar ceremony (one of only two awards shows I bother with) is directly proportional tot he number of nominees I’ve seen. With that in mind, I took this weekend to start playing catch-up with the films that are available in Ottawa’s rep theatres.

I missed the Oscar nomination announcements when they happened, but it turns out I wasn’t as far behind in my viewing as I had feared. between films I saw earlier in the year (Midnight in Paris, The Help, Bridesmaids, Drive) and films I watched during flights to/from Asia (Moneyball, Puss in Boots, Warrior) – there are only about 8 films I still felt I needed to see. I got a jump on those this past weekend, taking in:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: I’m still surprised this didn’t get best adapted screenplay. This was a fantastic adaptation of the novel, and a much better film than the Swedish version (which was good but felt rushed). I truly hope this team continues to work together to adapt the 2nd and 3rd books in the series.
  • The Artist: This was probably the film I was most interested in seeing, given the praise it has received. But it probably meant my expectations were a little high. I was impressed at the Director’s ability to pull off a silent movie in this day and age and still have it be engaging and thought-provoking. That’s a feat. But given the praise it has received, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. I did enjoy it for sure – it’s a wonderful film – but I can’t call it my favorite film of the year. Nor is it even something I see myself watching over and over.
  • The Descendants: Not really having any expectations going in, I found this film thoroughly enjoyable. Maybe it was just my mood, but I enjoyed it more than I did The Artist. There wasn’t a lot of story, per se, but what little actually happens to these characters happens with humour and with sadness. It’s a tear-jerker but it’s also funny and full of life. I felt the acting was strong – especially the actor who played the daughter.

Tonight the film gluttony continues. I’m scheduled to see The Iron Lady and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I still hope to see Hugo and Tree of Life before Sunday, but no guarantees. And I SHOULD see War Horse, but I’m just not that interested in the film (I totally want to see the stage production.)


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