Pizza, burgers, even hot dogs, yes...but who fantasizes about brochettes?

Remember about a year ago when I posted that I was down to a size 33 on my way to a 32? Turns out that was optimistic. And I guess that, when I get optimistic, I eat.

I’m still a 33, but it’s a tight 33 – and I made up my mind while I was in Asia that upon return to my workaday life, I would get back to serving correct portion sizes, cooking at home, and cutting out desserts and corn chips.

So far, since being back, I have been disciplined. Aside from the poutine I had the first night back in town, my diet has been mostly healthy. Even on the few occasions I’ve eaten out, I’ve tried to watch my portions and choose healthier options.

No real results yet on the weight scale, but I feel like I’m making progress. I have yet to try on the trousers that instigated this new found drive.

The only problem is the Hunger
I had forgotten how hard the first couple of weeks of a diet can be. Back when we started Weight Watchers a few years ago, that hunger was terrible for the first couple of weeks, but it diminished, becoming more bearable once my stomach stopped expecting huge portions.

I’m coming to the end of my first two weeks again, so I’m looking forward to being numb to that hunger. Hasn’t happened yet, though. Every day it comes back around 10 am… and the stretch from then until 1 pm when I eat my lunch is just about unbearable. Gum isn’t quite cutting it at a diet aid.

If I don’t get numb to the hunger soon, I  may need to look into other options. Thankfully, I’m pretty patient when i set my mind to something. Some might say stubborn. Either way, I’m not gonna give up this time.


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  1. wartica says:

    Good for you; preservation is key to gaining success with food. I used to eat everything in sight but that all changed when I started thinking differently. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. Jeff Fowler says:

    I like having some options that are bulky compared to the calories. For me that’s nice big salads, and puffed grain cakes. But you’re right, it’s mostly about adjusting to the right habits.

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