Would you do the Bolton Mullet? Is that even '90s? Pretty sure he was around in the '80s.

Decade theme parties are nothing new. With ‘50s parties, you tend to get greaser boys and girls in poodle skirts as you dance along to Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. With a ‘60s theme, it’s hippies and flower children, or maybe a mop-top or two. At a ‘70s party, Farah Fawcett flips prevail, and the gold lame jumpsuits and platform shoes go well with the BeeGees soundtrack. In the ‘80s you’ll either get punk gear or big hair and bright primary colours – with the odd pair of MC Hammer parachute pants thrown in for good measure.

But what about the ‘90s? what’s iconic of that dull decade? The only thing that pops to mind is the grunge movement of the early ‘90s – scraggly hair and plaid shirts. But how indicative of the ‘90s is that, really? Then again, how indicative of the ‘50s are greaser boys and poodle skirts?

Thankfully, I’m old enough that it’s not an issue right now, but anyone have any thoughts on the issue? What would you wear to a ‘90s theme party if you were invited today?


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