Not really relevant to the actual post, I just thought this photo would make you read 🙂

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the back seats of cars – despite appeals to accommodate long-leggedness. (No one offers sympathy when it comes to claiming ‘shotgun.’) But regardless of where I sit, I’m not comfortable in a moving vehicle unless I have my seatbelt on.

So it should come as no surprise that I’ve had my fair share of attempting to insert the metal fitting into the buckle (I seem to have picked up flight-attendant lingo) only to be met with silence, rather than the satisfying click of a secure connection.

I’ve been around enough to know this means I’ve grabbed the wrong buckle and that it’s time to start fishing the other one out from under the seat cushion. Of course, this usually happens when there’s a passenger sitting in the middle seat, pressed right up against me. I grope away, fondling their ass, as they lift one cheek to try to stay make room for me to get my belt fastened.

So I have to ask the car companies, is it really such a big deal? Does it make a huge difference if I use one of those buckles instead of the other? Wouldn’t I be safer with the wrong one than with nothing at all? (Yes. If I get frustrated trying to find the right one, I’m likely to give up altogether.)

There must be all sorts of research put into the decision to make buckles exclusive to their respective fittings. There would have to be, since it’s certainly not immediately evident, and it must cost companies more to produce an extra part. It just seems like either buckle would prevent me from hurtling through the window in the event of a crash – which is basically all I’m looking for.

Guess I should just make the best of the situation and start riding with people who have sexy butts. Of course, with my luck, in that situation I’ll pick the RIGHT buckle.


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