Gonna miss this outdoor shower - what are the odds we'll find another cottage equipped with something like this?

“No nice things for you!” says cottage country, as it kicks me out on my ass.

Sigh. We had the perfect set-up: a gorgeous cottage on a quiet river about 90 minutes from home… and with an outdoor shower! The place was clean, the kitchen, well-stocked, and the beds, comfortable. About the worst you could say about it was that the living room had too little seating.

For the last couple of years, we’ve rented this cottage – the Chalet du Lièvre – with our friends G&C (among others). And we were looking forward to many more years of summers spent floating naked in the calm waters of the Lièvre River.

That was until the owner decided to stop renting it and start using it. Jerk. He gave us notice earlier this year. And I guess, given how idyllic it is, I can’t blame him… but I can still be pissed.

So now we’re looking (or at least G is looking) for a replacement cottage – but since we’ve had it so good, now we’re spoiled. We have a few demands:

  • It needs to be close – no more than two hours away, preferably closer.
  • It needs to be well-furnished, with several bedrooms, lots of cooking utensils, a BBQ, and a comfy sofa.
  • It needs to have a dock with access to deep water – no beach entry fro us. We don’t like to touch muck.
  • It needs a gazebo and/or a firepit: who wants to go to a cottage when you can’t spend evenings outside.

Ideally, it would also be situated near a bakery that makes delicious sugary pastries, but I guess I could always bake if need be. Sadly, however, we’re not likely to find another place with an outdoor shower stall. I’m certainly gonna miss having a hot shower in the crisp fall air.

Sigh…it’s gonna be tough to find a replacement cottage that doesn’t pale in comparison. Looks like this year’s cottage season may be over before it even started.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to get into the water without touching bottom. A dock is ideal.


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