Doesn’t that title sound like some disease from the 1870s?

What I’m actually referring to is the fact that our summer vacation plans are still up in the air.

Summer for us usually means a week or two spent at a cottage, and maybe a short road trip or two. But we might need to do additional road trips this year. Junkii’s brother has plans to visit us from Malaysia – which would make him the first family member to come to Canada.

If he does come, we’ll want to bring him to Montreal, Quebec city, and maybe further east to New Brunswick and PEI. Toronto may also be on the agenda (although really, it’s just another big urban centre).

Sounds like that might use up vacation leave which would otherwise be used for cottage time.

None of this is really of major concern, except we’re still not 100% sure he’s even coming. And if he doesn’t come, we might be too late to find a cottage rental. So the other option is that we might wind up just going on an extended road trip. Or maybe spending a week in NYC.

So what’s my point?
Well, while flux usually just stresses me out, in this case, I find it exciting. I like that we’ve got all these potential options laid out in front of us. It lets me dream about all sorts of travel options that may never come to pass: maybe a road trip to savannah or a cheap flight to napa. Maybe going to see part of the US we’ve never seen – or a drive to the prairies.

I find that exciting. Makes me want to continue postponing Junkii’s brother from finalizing his plans. 🙂


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