Maybe this is overstating the problem a teensy bit. Maybe.

With my vacation days used up following our trip to Malaysia and Hong Kong, we’ve been relying on road trips to get our travel fix. We’ve been busy.

  • We’ve taken not one but TWO trips to Montreal in the last month – to hang out with friends both old and new. We also took a brief (too brief) photo walk in Old Montreal. Photos are forthcoming.
  • We ducked down to Massena, NY three weeks ago to get new tires for the car. That trip promptly turned into a shopping trip to Watertown instead. Massena was just sad. The Sears that changed our tires was anchoring a shopping mall that had MAYBE 1/3 of the stores occupied. I can’t see it staying open beyond the next year. Watertown, while nothing special, at least has some interesting stores, including a Best Buy where we bought Junkii a new toy an Apple TV.
  • Last weekend was a blast – a trip with a couple of girlfriends to Toronto to see Bring It On: the Musical! We had no idea whether it would be a good show, but many of the songs were written by the creator of In The Heights, so I was keen to give it a chance. The show turned out to be incredibly funny, with great singing and dancing, and Cheerleading stunts that had my heart in my throat. Can’t wait for the original cast recording. The show was one highlight on a weekend that was chock-a-block with good times.

So yeah, we’ve been on the road a lot. The only real problem with that is the unwritten rule that seems to exist between Junkii and me: as long as we’re on the road, we can eat whatever we want. It’s like the regular diet rules go out the power windows.

Every service station yields up treasures like chocolate bars, M&Ms, beef jerky, pepperoni sticks, chocolate milk, chips, red bull, Jos Louis, and a host of other waistline-expanding treats. And it’s not like we diet in preparation for this. In fact, we often start our road trips with a stop at McDonald’s for a McMuffin breakfast – thereby using up our daily calories (and probably a portion of the next day’s too) before we even leave town.

This would all be acceptable if we only took a trip once every month or two, but with trips coming as frequently as they are, we’re setting a dangerous precedent – and one that’s gonna backfire when the Syracuse clothes-shopping trip comes along. Those size 32 trousers aren’t getting any looser!


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