Three perfectly formed wish chips.

Wow! I had totally forgotten about this until some friends were over last night.

As a child, and like all our friends, my sister and I used to make wishes on potato chips that were completely folded in half.

There were rules, of course.

  • The chip had to be unbroken (no jagged edges).
  • The chip could not be broken while putting it into your mouth.
  • The chip couldn’t touch your lips on the way in – no small feat for a little kid’s mouth.

Once you had the chip in place, you’d close your mouth, made a wish, and crunch away.

The good thing about wish chips is that you didn’t have to wait for them to dry – like wishbones. That, and they were a helluvalot tastier than wishbones. 😛


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  1. dderbydave says:

    Being a kid was great, wasn’t it?

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