Well, sometimes you also play them $h!t+y music. That’s something I can help with!

With only a few hoops left to jump through, Junkii is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged step-aerobics instructor. In fact, he might clear all the hurdles as early as this coming weekend, and then it’ll just be a waiting game as the BodyStep™ authority reviews his performance.

In my mind, he’s already as good or better than many of the instructors already teaching, so there won’t likely be a problem, but I’m still looking forward to him finally being certified.

  • Not because it will mean additional income – the pay will barely cover the costs of buying the music.
  • Not because I’ll get a free gym membership – He’ll get one right away, but as his partner, I have to wait a year.
  • Not because I’m tired of hearing about the minutiae of step technique (well, maybe a little, but it is kind of interesting).
  • Not because I’m tired of the single set of music he’s been forced to learn on – although, that’s part of it (how many times do I have to hear “Moves Like Jagger,” anyway?!)

No, the best reason for having him certified is that he’ll be able to acquire and learn all the old BodyStep™ releases. And while I know it will take him a while to learn the choreography for all that old music, having an instructor in the house will be like having my own step-aerobics jukebox – eventually.

Once he picks up the choreography, I’ll have someone to teach me all my favorite old tracks! It’s very exciting. We already have quite a few close friends who are step instructors, and they’re always willing to take a request or two – but I still usually feel like I’m imposing when I ask for a specific track.

It’s much less risky to impose on a partner who loves you and wants to see you happy. Or is that called taking advantage? Meh. Whatever. He’s fully capable of telling me to piss off. (trust me on that. I’ve seen him do it.)


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