Just one of the many photos (this one from Ottawa Pride 2011) you’ll find in my gallery at our SmugMug site. I absolutely love his fascinator!

I can be pretty lazy. Well, you already know that. You’ve see how lax I’ve been with keeping this blog up to date lately. One would think, though, that laziness wouldn’t get in the way of things I enjoy – hobbies. But one would be wrong.

For instance, I’m waaay behind on sharing the photos I’ve taken over the last year – and photography is supposed to be FUN!

As I see it, there are two major hurdles with this hobby. The first is the actual camera-work. Hauling a camera around, along with all the equipment – dragging it out to take photos and worrying about it getting stolen or broken – It all adds up to a big speed bump, discouraging me from taking photos around the city I live in. Thankfully, having Junkii shutter-bugging away beside me means I often have little else to do and so might as well take my own photos. But for me to go out on my own is unheard of.

Of course, this only applies if I’m not travelling in a foreign land. On trips, I’ll happily click away all day. But then Junkii usually does the photo processing. And that’s the second hurdle: post-production.

At work, I spend a lot of time doing layout work. Part of that is making sure the photos we have look as good as I can manage – so often I spend days just tinkering in photoshop. Arriving home from work, I’m disinclined to sit down at my computer and open up a photo-processing software like Lightroom to work on photos when I can just as easily kill time by browsing through Facebook posts and watching funny videos.

But last week – when Rogers left us high and dry without an internet connection in the wake of our switch to another internet provider (TekSavvy) – I was bored enough to actually spend some time processing the photos I had taken over the past year.

I’m not as prolific as Junkii, but I managed to find about 30 photos I thought were worth the effort of making pretty. You’ll see a few photos from Ottawa’s Pride parade 2011, a couple of shots I snapped in Burlington VT around Labour Day last year, a record of a short photo walk we took in Old Montreal in May and then images from Ottawa when we were walking around on Canada Day last month.

You can see all the photos here.


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  1. Awesome photos! I like your eye for repetitive details and your way of capturing them. I can relate to the backlog of photos. Your post reminded me that I never finished (or even got that far started!) my photos from Arizona.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Sorry for reminding you of work to be done, but thanks for the kind words. I know about being backlogged though. We’re not halfway through our Hong Kong posts yet. I’m gonna forget what I wanted to write before I get around to it. I really should commit to producing one blog post a day, even if I don’t get it posted with photos – just so I don’t forget what needs to be written.

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