Such a unique shape for a glass. I love it!

I love finding out that a friend has special skills, especially when I can turn those skills to my advantage! Mwahaha!

Our friend M has mad skillz when it comes to pilfering… in particular, when it comes to lifting pint glasses from pubs. I can’t think of a better thing to steal, and my own pint-glass collection is more complete for it.

She’s quite proud of it, actually. She developed the skill earlier in life when she would steal pint glasses for her dad. She let me know about her history at a very opportune time…shortly after the waitress dropped off my pint of Stiegl in a VERY cool-looking glass. I was just coveting the glass when M told me her story. It didn’t take much to convince her to pop it in her purse (once I had consumed the refreshing beverage inside, of course).

She said it was good for her to practice her thievery, to keep her fingers nimble, so I figure we both got something out of it: I, a pint glass, and she, practice as well as a tale to tell her father (who, it turns, out was quite proud of his daughter’s latest heist.)

I just wish I had known about M a couple of years ago when I could have had her steal a Pilsner Urquell stemmed pint glass. Those are quite beautiful, but now I’m not sure where to even find them. Still, there will be more pint-glass thievery in our shared future, you can bet.

Incidentally, about the title for this post, M is originally from the UK and her nickname is Alien. But clearly she’s light-fingered. An alien with light fingers? It’s a bit abstract, I know.

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  1. Bill Chance says:

    That is a great-looking elegant glass. What a great friend to have – an accomplished glass thief.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I don’t have room for a lot of standard-shaped pint glasses, so I’ll reserve my influence with the thief for opportunities to steal only oddly shaped wonders, like this one. Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment.

  2. My family (mom’s side) is notorious for pub pilfering. I carried the torch when I lived in Leuven, Belgium where I acquired all my favourite Belgian brews’ glasses. However given the high likelihood that they would break if I attempted to bring them home to Canada I left all of them behind except for a Leffe glass which I got at the opera (yes, I drank beer at the opera….it was awesome). I did, however, risk bringing a bunch of bottled Belgian beer home for my dad to try. I put them in my carry-on. It was very heavy.

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