Non-shorts weather takes up 3/4 of the year. It’s just not fair!

You know that feeling you get on Sunday afternoon… when you realize that tomorrow is a work day and that you’re pretty much as far from next weekend as you’re ever gonna be? What’s that feeling called again? Oh yeah. Hopelessness.


It’s been cold this week. Thankfully it’s warming up again for the weekend, but we had a few days early this week where the temperature didn’t even get to 20 ̊C! And that spells trouble. We’re getting towards the end of August. We’re running out of summer days. “Tomorrow is Monday” – and we’re about as far from the start of next summer as we’re ever gonna be.

Oh sure, we’ll have a few nice days yet, but the depression that comes with winter will soon set in. And when that happens, there’s not much I can do but plan for an afternoon off “mid week” and start looking forward to late spring – the “Friday evening” of seasons.


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