Thanks to Kristi for taking this photo of Junkii and I enjoying some Metaxa Brandy. Well… I enjoyed it. Junkii isn’t really a brandy fan, it turns out.

We don’t have many Greek restaurants in town. There are loads of Greek fast food joints in the mall food courts, mind you, but not many quality sit-down restaurants. So when the organizers of GreekFest put on their annual summer spread, it’s always a treat.

Not sure how long it’s been since we last attended – I know we missed at least one year – but as we made our way onto the grounds of the Helenic Community Centre last Thursday, it felt like it had been forever since our last visit. And yet, not much had changed.

There was still a huge bandstand with fabulous live Greek music and a big open space for dancing. The food and wine tents were still there serving their usual array of delicious Greek goodies (surprisingly fresh and tasty considering the mass-production set-up). And the large tent housing tables and chairs for the diners was as noisy and chaotic as always.

We brought our own contingent to the chaos – about a dozen of us. Trying to find space to eat among the rest of the masses was no easy trick, but we managed in the end, and stuck around until near closing, enjoying Greek wine, chocolate-covered baklava, and Metaxa brandy before heading out to watch the performers.



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  1. I usually go with my dad and he wanted to go this year but we were headed to Muskoka. Oh well, next year! Looks like you had a good night 🙂

  2. We thought of you guys but we went during the week so figured you wouldn’t be able to make it. If you have available days off maybe we can do Fall or Winter again?

  3. I know, but we like having you guys up with us 🙂

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