Maybe they assume it’s the Christmas channel and haven’t realized yet that something is horribly wrong with their TV.

Dammit! I meant to take a photo today while I was at the gym and I forgot. Don’t worry, it wasn’t going to be an artsy shot, or some hottie working out – you’re not really missing out because of my forgetfulness. It was just going to be a photo of a broken television set.

There are four flat-screens in the weight room at the Goodlife Club at Rideau Centre. One of them has been showing the same thing for about six months now. It looks like a closeup of a candy cane – pretty much like the image at right, only in widescreen.

I don’t watch television while I’m working out – so this is neither here nor there for me, but it still irks me, for two reasons:

  1. Does it REALLY take 6 months to fix a TV? I know other things at the gym have taken longer to see repairs. Any time plumbing is involved, for example (water fountains, showers), repairs seem to take an eternity. But this is a TV! You can get a new one at Walmart for a few hundred bucks. Splurge!
  2. Why does it have to be turned on?! It’s an utter waste of electricity. I guarantee no one is watching it. By turning it on, staff are accomplishing nothing more than drawing attention to the fact that management is too inept to deal with a simple problem in a timely manner.

Wait a second. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is a cry for help from a poorly managed crew of individuals searching for outside help in ousting the current regime.

Or, more likely, it’s just another example of a manager that continually turns a blind eye to the needs of existing members.


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