Guess it could be worse! Or maybe this was someone’s attempt to prevent mice.

Gah! I discovered today we have mice in the attic. Guess they’re looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Well not on my watch, mister mouse! (Mrs. mouse?)

Good news is they haven’t chewed their way in creating, damage to the building. No, instead they’ve found a way in through the vent at the peak of the roof. Or at least I think that’s where they’re coming in. I popped my head up into the attic this morning (I heard some scurrying going on) and saw a mouse crawling along that vent.

Of course, I can’t close off the vent entirely, but I’ll likely install some sort of heavy gauge mesh along the opening. Home depot, here I come.

The other option is to set out some poison or some mouse traps. Neither is a particularly savoury option, but better than listening to them scurry around in the ceiling all winter – especially if I wind up trapping a few inside when I put up the mesh.

Wonder why this is the first year they’ve chosen our house as their home? Anyway, I’m gonna add this to the countless reasons why I hate winter.


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  1. Jeff Fowler says:

    From the picture I figured you were setting the snake to catch the mice!

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