Dad finished off his ice cream lickety split and was waiting around for me to finish mine. I made him stand on the other side of the cow so that he wouldn’t lunge for my still unfinished cup of ice cream.

During our trip to PEI we stopped in at one of the many Cows Ice Cream stores scattered about the Island – this one, at Cavendish, where the company was founded.

To be honest, I had never heard of Cows ice cream before my sister’s blogged about her visit to PEI a year ago. I’d share the link to her blog post about it, but it’s protected and you wouldn’t be able to read it. Suffice it to say, she’s a big fan and she sold us on the yummy goodness that is Cows (and particularly their “Cowie Wowie” flavour.)

Once it was on our radar, it wasn’t long before we started hearing more about Cows. Our friend Darwin took a trip to PEI soon after my sister and raved about the ice cream.

Still need convincing? Cows was voted Canada’s best ice cream in a survey of readers of Reader’s Digest, and named the world’s top place to get ice cream by Tauck World Discovery. You can see the whole list here (and damn if the 8 flavours of Dulce de Leche don’t sound divine!)

How had I not HEARD of Cows before? Well, an unjustifiable wrong must be righted; Cows would need to be part of our Island tour.

I like when Canada gets picked as “best in the world” for something. It makes me proud. But I’m not a rampant nationalist. I don’t want to let my nationality blind me. And while Cows ice cream was truly delicious, for my money, Vermont has it beat. I’m a die hard Ben & Jerry’s slut. Sorry, Cavendish.

It’s all personal opinion though. I’ll certainly go back for more next time I visit PEI. Who wouldn’t?!* It really is excellent ice cream. And really, arguing over which ice cream is best is pretty much the epitome of a first world problem. Just give me one of each – I’m entitled to my entitlements – and let’s move on to more pressing matters.

*Sorry, lactose-intolerant people


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Yea- I like Ben & Jerry’s just fine, but my vote would be Cows…….really I really really really think Wowie Cowie is the best ICe Cream on this planet……..And Ive samples ALOT of ice cream in my time.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Wowie Cowie was excellent – Junkii had it as part of his double scoop. I tasted it and was super impressed. But Ben and Jerry’s coffee-base is my favorite and any of the flavours that use that base and add in some sort of chunky chocolatey stuff get my vote.

  2. Mmm….now I want ice cream. Although to be fair I’ve been craving gelato from Stella Luna since last night.

    I hadn’t heard of Cows. Good to know!

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