Sign found in the tasting shop. I’d like to have the T-shirt.

Cows was fun, but by the time we got to Charlottetown, we were ready for something a bit stiffer. Wandering about on the lookout for a bar where we could engage in happy hour, we stumbled across a tasting shop belonging to Prince Edward Distillery. It was time to get serious.

Who among you even knew that PEI had a distillery, let alone that it has won awards for several of its artisan-distilled spirits? Given the fame of PEI potatoes, it’s hardly surprising that they produce vodka, I suppose. It had just never crossed my mind. But a pleasant surprise is a pleasant surprise, and we were gonna see what this was all about.

They produce vodka and blueberry vodka as well as whiskey and gin. We tasted all four spirits. The Blueberry vodka and the whisky weren’t really worth the time or the money (not cheap at $3 a taste). The blueberry vodka had more of an off-taste than a blueberry one, and the whiskey is far from being ready to compete with the high-end brands. But the potato vodka was smooth and clean, and the gin was wonderfully floral – probably the best thing on offer.

We would have picked up a bottle for the trip home if we hadn’t planned to drive through the US. That would have just led to no end of headaches at border crossings. Sadly, Ontario’s Liquor Stores don’t seem to carry this brand – no doubt a result of the rampant protectionism the LCBO is known for. Would have been nice to have a bottle of that gin for our collection. Maybe we’ll get our friend M to pick up a bottle next time she’s home.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    I only found out about it once I got to the Island- I had no idea before that they made Vodka (or anything else for that matter). And we didn’t try it, but then again, I cant drink gin, and Im particular on my whiskey- but I would have tried the Vodka, if I weren’t too busy drinking Alpine 🙂

  2. Huh, didn’t know that either!

    Maybe you can get it online somehow??

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