The location was nice, if a bit run-down. Maybe not quite as fabulous as this makes it look.

So in the end, we had almost no cottage time this year. We didn’t rent a cottage for a week in the summer. We didn’t get invited to our friends’ family cottage in Muskoka. We didn’t rent a cottage for a long weekend around Thanksgiving.

And we missed it. We missed it immensely.

Our multi-week annual vacation usually happens in the dead of winter. We’re almost always back by the end of February. And from there, it’s a long way until the next one comes around, the following January. The week-long summer cottage rental that we usually enjoy with our friends G&C – around July – could be relied on to break up the rest of the year quite nicely. It gave Junkii and me an extended period in which to de-stress from our workaday lives.

This year, aside from the odd too-short long-weekend, neither of us has taken a big block of time off from the daily grind. And with nothing on the horizon until Christmas break, it’s been an incredibly tough slog.

G&C missed it too – enough to book their own week-long cottage at Thanksgiving. Sadly we couldn’t join them for the duration, but we were invited for an overnight stay that Saturday evening.

See – even the fireplace outside was rusty and broken.

It was nice to get away. The cottage itself was nothing special. G&C would be the first to tell you it was a serious let down compared to the place we used to rent (which is no longer available). This new cottage was clean, and situated in a great location on Lac Longue, but it wasn’t well stocked and very poorly maintained. Plus there was some sort of critter living in the wall that was adamant about scurrying around while we were trying to sleep. But the time spent curled up by a warm fire with a good book was priceless, and even with all the cottage’s faults, we were glad for the invitation. A big warm fuzzy thanks to G&C for organizing!

Junkii took some wonderful photos, as usual – which, quite frankly, make the place look a whole heckuva lot nice than it actually was. You can see them here.

We’ve already started discussions with G&C about next summer’s cottage. We’ll need to find another place. The cottage beside the one we were at this year, also on Lac Longue, looks promising. Best to book it now and avoid the summer rush.

The lake itself is small and private, but crystal clear. Looks like it would be great for swimming in the summer. Which is why we’re looking at a nearby cottage on the same lake.


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