This year’s poster

Sometimes you just need a break.

That’s what we told ourselves two years ago when we finished our 5th annual Wig party. We looked at each other and said, “We had a good run. We entertained a lot of people. Maybe we should call it quits while we’re ahead and before our friends get completely tired of it and start rolling their eyes whenever Halloween comes around.”

So we packed it in….and the following year, we had this big empty hole where our party was supposed to be. And we missed it terribly.

Ermahgerd! A seriers cernternder fer berst ensermbrle.

Oh, we found a party to go to, and that was fun, and we got to dress up, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t a huge gang of friends from all our different social circles mingling and drinking and laughing and carrying on.

So this year, we decided to be selfish – to do what makes US happy – and we invited people back for more wiggy weirdness. We figured that whoever decided they didn’t want to come could just not come. No hard feelings. No pressure. After all, sometimes you need a break. And sometimes it needs to be more than just one year in a row.

In fact, many wig party veterans were unable to make it this year (don’t worry, you’ll get your invitations again next time). And yet this year’s party was every bit as crowded as previous years – we had about 40 people – meaning we had a host of new faces. And a lot of the first timers won prizes; the awards for Time Traveler (hair from another era), Biggest Hair, Total Ensemble, Most Natural, and Worst Wig all went to newcomers, with only the prize for Longest Hair going to a party veteran.

I got called Harry Potter and Waldo for my Milhouse. I think it was because the glasses weren’t quite right – and the hair was too wild.

Mid party, when some of the newcomers asked why we stopped the party last year, we gave our reasons – that we thought people might be getting tired of it – they were quick to point out that we had no evidence to back up that conclusion. That left us with the stark realization that it was ONLY US that needed the break to recharge our batteries. But that plan backfired.

So from here on in, we just have to find the energy along the way. And when you have the wonderful set of friends that we do – who rave about the food, and the atmosphere, and the fun, and who genuinely appreciate their hosts – and whom we love to spend time with – well, it’s not hard to find the energy.

So put on your thinking caps people. It all happens again in another 365 days!

Check out the rest of the photos – and all the prize winners on our SmugMug account.

The wig party veterans: The Cat, The Pirate, LMFAO, Nancy Sinatra, and a serious contender for most natural!

A crew of colleagues.

A gaggle of gays.


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  1. I wanna come to the party next year :))) I’m a friend of Morgan and Richard’s :))) Awesome photos!!!

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Who were you supposed to be? I thought Millhouse too….

  3. Ron your costume is awesome! Did you have a problem with the yellow makeup coming off on things??

    Great photos! It looks like a lot of people went with full-out costumes, not just wigs.

    Jen looks hilarious 🙂

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Thanks, Krista! I got some paint on my shirt, but once it dried it wasn’t too bad for rubbing off. I avoided things and refused to hug people (air hugs only). There are a few spots of yellow around the house, but nothing too bad.

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