I’m a firm believer that you can’t make lasting friendships on conversation alone. You can have as much in common with a person as you like – you can fill hours talking over drinks – but that’s not enough. You need to share adventures.

The adventures don’t need to be elaborate and expensive – you don’t HAVE to take an extended vacation together to far-off cities or foreign lands (although, first-hand experience does suggest that’s a great way to go!). A series of smaller adventures is perfectly fine.

Last night, for example, a carload of us went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel together (no that wasn’t the extent of the adventure). Great movie, by the way, with fantastic acting – I had a smile on my face the entire time, and it managed to push India further up my travel bucket-list.

Following the film, our driver saw that her car’s fuel gauge was actually below “empty.” And so, with only fumes in the tank, we set about finding a diesel pump.

As luck would have it, there was a diesel pump at the first station we hit. Sadly, the pump had a big out-of-order sign on it.

Off we went.

It wasn’t until somewhere among the six subsequent gas station visits that I came to know how difficult it can be to find diesel fuel at 9pm on a Sunday. But the stress of the situation showed me the mettle of my co-travellers.

Panic began to set in amongst the group as we hurtled from station to station, desperate for fuel. At one particularly long stop light, we considered abandoning the driver altogether to seek out food at a nearby Loblaws. After all, the only in-car sustenance was a single lemon-flavoured lollipop, hardly enough to nourish us all.

In the end, we screwed up our courage as the light changed; a green arrow urging us onwards and the risk of having to get out and push looming ever nearer.

Smartphones were consulted to try to find a diesel station and in the end, we wound up – somewhat cartoonishly – only one block from that initial broken-pumped petrol station.

Sighs of relief were breathed as the attendant (it was a full-service stop) filled the tank (not a euphemism).

I know what you’re thinking: That’s nothing – a trifle! But that’s all it takes. An adventure shared is the best kind for cementing friendships, no matter how small. Because down the road you can look at each other and say “remember that time when,” and laugh together, uproariously.


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