Pretty sure it's a muscle problem, and not a problem with my rotator cuff.

Pretty sure it’s a muscle problem, and not a problem with my rotator cuff.

Here I thought I was doing really well. After a couple of weeks off from the gym I started back in earnest last week and, despite some healthy aches and pains as my muscles got used to being used again, everything felt good. My cardio schedule was back to normal and, while I still had to get back into a regular weights workout, my fitness level was approaching the level I’m used to.

Then yesterday I decided to add my free-weights workout back into the mix. It started out fine. I did an inclined chest press and moved on to seated rows. Two exercises down. I was rockin’!

Then, as I started my second chest exercise, something happened. I felt a twinge in my shoulder and had to put the bar down after only half a set.

A stretched a bit and tried again. No luck. The pain was getting worse. So I tried a different exercise – the peck-deck machine – and again was denied. So I left the gym, not wanting to do any further damage.

And for the rest of the day, any time I brought my left elbow higher than my shoulder, I would wince with pain. As you might imagine, putting on a shirt or a coat was just unpleasant. Making dinner was no easy task – and getting dishes in and out of the oven was not only painful but risky (what if it had dropped?!) I spent most of the evening on the sofa like any good couch potato.

Still not sure what the problem is. The pain doesn’t feel so deep as to be in the joint – I think it’s in the muscle – but is it a tear or is it just a pull? I’ve been lucky enough not to have ever had this problem before but I suspect a tear would be a lot more painful, so I’m hoping for some sort of pull, and that this will go away if I keep from using the arm too much.

I was thinking of maybe seeing my massage therapist today. During my morning shower, the hot water and a little pressure applied to my neck muscles felt good, as though a massage might help – but maybe I should just leave it alone and let it heal.

Whatever happens, I’m skipping the gym for the next few days until I can raise my hands above my head without wincing. If the problem persists, I’ll have to go see someone, but for now, another night of rest and I’ll decide how to proceed in the morning.

Guess It’s back to square one with the cardio. I’ll have to restart my regime over once again when I’ve healed.


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  1. Leege says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeyow!!! that sucks! I hope it gets better soon!

    And speaking of working out, I have a friend who might be starting at your gym. I will hook you guys up, she’s awesome.

  2. Lillian Holowka says:

    Ron, the first thing you did was go back to the gym. It sounds (from what you described), you vigorously and aggressively worked yourself into a frenzy. My physiotherapist tells me slowly and lightly (pule, pule). So you should lay off the gym for awhile. Because I had three falls (one seriously) I could not walk without Don holding me; after about 4 visits to the physiotherapist I’m not completely healed but I’m making headways. You should go to a doctor, see a physiotherapist, or get a massage. Let the gym go for awhile. This advice is all in the spirit of keeping you and Melvin to stay healthy and safe.

    I have a very nice, warm story to tell you that took place at the Ottawa General Hospital. I will get back to you later.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Thanks for the thoughtfulness, Lil. I’m definitely gonna let this heal before i go back. The gym is too important for me to muck it up by not giving myself enough time to recuperate.

      • Lillian Holowka says:

        Last Thursday I had an appointment with my physiotherapist at the General Hospital at 12:45 p.m. and another appointment with my Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, just down the hall at the General Hospital, Module F, for 2:10 p.m. I arrived early for my physiotherapy; they sometimes take you early. What was I going to do for my early appointment with the ENT specialist? I had my lunch, walked around the hospital (it is amazing what you can learn). Then I settled down in a comfy chair (there were so many people waiting to see the specialists) and the nurse came out and marked down which doctors were running behind time (my ENT was running one hour behind time).

        This is the warm and fuzzy story I mentioned I would tell you about. I sat around for
        awhile. I spotted an Inuk man who was alone, and I talked to him about
        where he was from and I told him I really admired his hat (or toque). My name was called to see the ENT specialist. After I left I could not see the Inuk man. I called Don on my cellphone and while I was waiting for Don, the Inuk man
        appeared. This is the nice part. He gave me his hat (togue) and he told me his name. I hope this is another chapter for my “Welcome to my Journey”. The Inuk man is from Baffin Island.

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