christmas-musicTasked to come up with the playlist for our office Christmas party (scheduled a few days from now!), I’ve been markedly stressed. Thankfully, the house where the party is taking place is equipped with a stereo set up for use with an iPhone – so I just have to work with my iTunes library to make a few playlists. That’s pretty straightforward logistically…but the content is another matter altogether.

Setting up a playlist of Christmas music isn’t a difficult task; I have quite a bit of Christmas music in my iTunes library from previous years. And it’s fun stuff too – some standard songs, but also some clever remixes and covers in various styles of world music. I think it’ll be a hit. All I had to do was make sure the playlist wasn’t full of quiet choral music and classical piano. This is a party after all, and I plan to keep things upbeat.

Side note: The Christmas music has been playing havoc with my personal iPhone use this week. I often listen to music as I walk to work, relying on “shuffle all songs” to give me a variety. For most of the year I keep the Christmas songs off my phone – with the exception of All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey; I could listen to that any day of the week – but now that they’re in the mix I’m barraged by Christmas music on my way to work. On the plus side, having taken the shuffle-songs option out of the mix, I’ve managed to catch up on my podcasts.

So, Christmas music is not the problem. But at some point during the party, I know damn well that people are going to get tired of carols and will want to switch to non-Christmas music. So how do you prepare a playlist that caters to about 30 people of all ages and still keeps everyone happy?

Some people would only be happy with hip hop while others crave classic rock. Still others will want world music. Thankfully I have all this and more, but will the mix be balanced enough to keep guests from getting twitchy trigger fingers? How long do I have before someone pulls the plug on my playlist? Oh god…my chest is getting tight. (Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.)

Okay, it’s not exactly an end-of-the-world problem. It’s not keeping me up at night. But I still have some work to do before the party to make sure the list is balanced and not skewed towards songs that no one knows. Sigh. So many factors to consider. Oh well. At least it’s a fun task, even if it IS giving me an ulcer.

And if worse comes to worst I can always throw on a radio station and call it a day.


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  1. In itunes you can make it so that your Christmas music doesn’t play when you shuffle. Select all the songs you don’t want to shuffle, right click and choose “get info”. Under the “options” tab there is “skip when shuffling”. Of course you’ll want to undo this before your work party so that you can shuffle them then!

    Good luck with the music choices! At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone so make sure you pick stuff you like too 😉

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Thanks Krista. I knew about the skip shuffle option, but like you said I need to be able to shuffle for the party. So I didn’t bother with it. I can suffer for a week.

      And the good thing about being the DJ is that it’s all my music, so I like it ALL to some degree or another. 🙂

  2. jandjsmum says:

    I think you start with the Christmas music, and bring a bottle of Kalhua and Egg Nog, then by the time the other playlist starts, EVERYONE will be happy. But seriously, the call it mainstream for a reason. Pop generally doesn’t offend anyone- even Johnny can listen to it in the background for an hour. I would go with that. As for Christmas music though, my favorite is The First Noël by Crash Test Dummies and Petit Papa Noël by Roch Voisine……just thought I would share that.

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