Pretty much the only awards show I pay attention to. Well... that and the Tony's.

Pretty much the only awards show I pay attention to. Well… that and the Tony’s.

Come Oscar season, I usually end up in a panic, scrambling to find theatres that are still playing the year’s best movies.

Not this year. This year, I’ve kept up to date on my movie-going. Oh, I’m sure there will be a few last-minute screenings when March rolls around, but December has been a really good month for me. In no particular order, I saw:

  • Life of Pi: Best film I saw over the Christmas break. This is a visually stunning film with a totally enthralling narrative and brilliant acting that’s true to the novel (from what I remember of it).
  • Cloud Atlas: Another long film that’s not for everyone, but I loved it. It features six separate stories, woven together across centuries and it’s both chaotic and completely coherent.
  • Lincoln: Just don’t go into it tired and you’ll be engaged. I’m glad I was alert for this because it’s a story I didn’t know and one I was happy to learn.
  • Les Miserables: It’ll never replace the live show, and the soundtrack can’t compare to the cast recordings, but they did a marvellous job bringing one of the best musicals to the screen.
  • Skyfall: Didn’t feel like James Bond – not enough intrigue/too straightforward – but a solid and well-directed action movie nonetheless
  • The Hobbit: Too long and too cheeky. Why does an 18-chapter book need to be a 9-hour trilogy?! This movie could have easily been cut by an hour. Still, enjoyable once it finally got started.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Another winner from Disney, this one is full of subtle visual gags for people who grew up playing arcade games and video games at home.

So where does that leave me? We won’t know for sure until the nominees are announced next month, but I figure I’m in pretty good shape. I still haven’t seen Django Unchained, but I’m going ASAP. I still haven’t seen The Master, although it’s high on my list. And Argo still doesn’t appeal to me, no matter how many good reviews it gets.

Any other must sees I’m forgetting that I should get to before Oscar season?


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  1. Lillian Holowka says:

    Thanks for the critique. The only film I wish to see is “Life of Pi”.

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