Hmmm, Who know this existed? Maybe I should pick it up for some beach reading!

Hmmm, Who know this existed? Maybe I should pick it up for some beach reading!

Last night we were trading dieting stories with our friend D after step class. Like us, she’s heading to a warm beach destination and she’s concerned about how she’ll look in a bathing suit. In my opinion, she needn’t worry, but that’s between her and her self-consciousness – and I’ve got enough self-esteem issues of my own to wrestle with, thank you very much.

So we’re both dieting in preparation. D says her diet so far has basically involved going to the gym more often and eating whatever she wants.

Sounds like my diet. Only problem is, it hasn’t been very effective.

Sure, my cardio capacity is excellent, and I’ve built some muscle, but my spare tire doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Hmmm, maybe I’ll get lucky and develop a parasite while I’m overseas – one that can help me lose weight quickly.

Nah, seems unlikely.

Our first destination is Hawaii – a first-world beach holiday if ever there was one. We won’t likely be in any real danger until we head to Fiji, and even then, I doubt we’ll have to worry about anything more serious than a bout of food poisoning.

I’ve got an appointment at the travel clinic later today to make sure my immunizations are up to date, just in case. Jeez, it almost seems like I don’t WANT a parasite. Clearly I’m not committed to serious weight loss.

Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up (suck in my gut?) and bear the shame of a beer belly. At least I’ll have the distraction of paradise to keep my mind off it.


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  1. Sarah C says:

    Must be nice to be your friend … the go to the gym more part only works for me if I’m already eating healthy 90% of the time 😉

  2. jandjsmum says:

    Dont let your mother find you talking like that! Or you may find yourself grounded! 🙂 Im jealous though of your upcoming beach excursions- me and my extra 50 lbs….yes- I have self esteem issues to……love you!

  3. Lillian Holowka says:

    Right now dieting is not in my vocabulary. I am on a pill which produces inches on my stomach and thighs. I was just taken off a steroid which also puffed up my face.

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