Maybe I need to pick up Journey's greatest hits package.

Maybe I need to pick up Journey’s greatest hits package.

I had no idea that I knew so many Journey songs.

Oh, I certainly knew they had some hits – that they were popular in their day – but that I’d be familiar with an hour’s worth of material?! I’m kind of surprised.

One of my favourite podcasts is called Coverville – basically, a one hour program that plays cover songs. Once a week they produce a show called a cover story, where they pick a performer and play covers of and by that artist. This week they covered Journey and I knew every song. In fact, I could even sing along to most of them. You can listen to the episode online here.

This music is ingrained!

Now, it’s possible that my Journey knowledge might be skewed. My sister was a huge fan of the band, so I’m sure that, growing up, I heard entire albums of their music an inordinately high number of times. I’m sure I learned a lot of their songs by osmosis. I’ve pretty much confirmed that’s the reason I know so much of Duran Duran’s music.

Whatever the reason, I’m richer for it. Big thanks to my sister for the early childhood education!

Journey’s music – what I know of it – is actually really good. Maybe the originals are a bit dated (what ’70s/’80s bands don’t sound dated?) – but they’re still worth listening to. I’ll have to acquire one of their greatest hits packages.

In the meantime, some of these covers update the instrumentation nicely. I’m particularly fond of this cover of Faithfully. Any time you can incorporate a brass band into pop music is okay by me.

On a side note – one of these covers is by Barry Manilow. And, without seeing the track list, I was able to recognize Manilow’s voice. I guess that means I’m old now. That’s the test: that you can pick out Barry Manilow’s voice, blindfolded.


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  1. urbdes says:

    Great music never dies. It’s great your sister had a good influence in your music taste. When my kids grow up, i’ll make sure they listen some good ones and not those easy talentless, mainstream, bad music.

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