Awesome potluck dinner with a great group of friends (including Ian our host and photographer!)

Awesome potluck dinner with a great group of friends (including Ian our host and photographer!)

A four-day weekend is not to be wasted, so we had planned to go away for Easter weekend. The only problem is that we procrastinated too long in actually deciding on a destination.

Oh, we considered the usual driveable places – Montreal, Toronto, Syracuse, even Burlington – but aside from Toronto, none of them was really in the running. And with Toronto, we simply waited too long to ask any of our friends there if they’d like weekend guests.

We also looked at trying to find cheap flights and last-minute deals to other US destinations. I was hoping we might be able to get a cheap flight to Miami or something. But one of the joys of living in a backwater like Ottawa is that there are really very few direct flights anywhere interesting – and what does exist is generally way too expensive.

All this to say, in the end, we just stayed home. But little did we know that our weekend would nonetheless be packed with social activity because most of our friends ALSO stayed home!

  • We got drunk and watched RuPaul’s drag race with Friends on Thursday night to launch the weekend
  • We had not one but TWO turkey dinners with all the trimmings (one a potluck dinner, the other cooked entirely by my mother)
  • We crashed Junkii’s group fitness class in the suburbs with half a dozen noisy downtown BodyStep enthusiasts
  • We went clubbing on Saturday night and closed the club
  • We feasted on poutine from Elgin Street Diner at 3 in the morning.
  • I enjoyed a Good Wife marathon with one of my oldest friends
  • And in between, we rested.

I’m sure Miami would have been awesome, but we had a ball this weekend, and it’s anything but a waste when you’re reminded just how awesome your circle of friends and family is – all right here at home, and for a fraction of the cost!


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