I'm so clumsy I actually hurt my upper body doing a lower-body workout!

I’m so clumsy I actually hurt my upper body doing a lower-body workout!

I’m known to give good hugs. Not patty-pat-pat hugs, but solid and tight. I’ve been told many times… so this is more than just conjecture.

Sadly, firm hugs will be on hold for the next few weeks.

I managed to hurt my torso doing (of all things) a leg workout earlier this week, and I’m more than a little tender. I was doing leg presses and I think the back pad on the leg press machine was raised too high so that when I brought the load down (crunching my knees towards my chest), my thighs compressed my ribcage and did some damage.

At the time it felt like I sprained something. I thought maybe it was some sort of muscle cramp. Still, there’s not enough pain for it to be a full on fracture. I figure it might be intercostal-muscle strain. At worst it might be a crack, but even that seems too severe a diagnosis. I can’t imagine that there was enough force in doing what I did to cause any sort of damage to bone.

My plan is to see how it feels after the weekend and then, if it’s not feeling better, to go see my massage therapist. The pain is pretty minimal. There’s a bit of discomfort when I twist a certain way too quickly, or when I try to lay on it directly, but otherwise I tend to forget it’s there.

Squeezing too hard also hurts though… hence the no hugging policy.

A bit of internet research has revealed this is not an uncommon problem. No more leg presses for me for now… which kind of sucks because I was just starting to get back into doing lower-body workouts again. I figure I can still manage a few leg exercises that don’t engage the damaged area, but it’s discouraging.

The only other thing I can’t do right now is BodyCombat – a martial-arts-based group fitness class. Throwing punches just hurts too much.

Hmmm. No punching and no hugging. I guess I’ll just have to remain indifferent… and learn to do warm-ups before my weight workouts!


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    So is this still bugging you? If so, have you gone to the doc?

    • RoC(k)r says:

      It’s much better now – almost gone. I’m pretty much back to my regular routine. My trainer-friend says I should go see a fascia therapist about it just to promote healing. I tried booking in with George’s guy but he’s busy until later in July – so I’ won’t see him until then… but no, I’m feeling much better now. Still being cautious though. hugs

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