Now where's that hard drive?

Now where’s that hard drive?

It’s tough to get yourself out of debt. Just when I start to make progress on paying back what I owe, something comes along and sets me back. This time it’s my computer’s hard drive – and a good portion of my next paycheque is gonna be devoted to getting that repaired.


Well, at least there’s some good news this time:

  • Mac has an amazing backup system so I’m not likely to lose any data.
  • The drive hasn’t failed completely yet and, while it’s really frustratingly slow as a result of the damaged drive, I can still use it for essentials for the time being
  • This has also prompted me to upgrade the memory and, fingers crossed, the repaired computer should last me three more years.

I’m also lucky in that my partner is a technophile, and willing to do the hard-drive swap himself. That should save me both labour costs and time away from my Mac. Left on my own, I’d have little choice but to take my computer to the Apple store and leave it with them for two weeks (or whatever their current unreasonable wait time is). And you know I’d have to pay through the nose for that privilege.

Hey, I’m not saying Macs aren’t worth the cost and trouble – I’ve been very happy with mine – but I’m glad i should be able to get away with just the cost of parts.

Thanks, Junkii, for all you do to keep me on track.


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  1. dderbydave says:

    Must be great to have a friend like him to help like this.
    We find this constantly – the slightest glimmer of having a little extra money and something comes along .. washing machine breaks down, school trips, uniforms…..

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